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Biological/bioinformatic context to a question

The mods had a discussion about whether a coding question was valid without any stated relevance to bioinformatics, a typical question is "here's a bit of text how do I parse it?". The issue ...
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Adding additional question guidance

I've noticed that the best Bioinformatics SE questions are where people ask about a specific problem they're having with their own data (or programs they're using). How would people feel about putting ...
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Should we allow questions where the title is not a question?

I think there are too many entries where the title is not a question. Related discussions: How do I write a good title? Should question titles be phrased as questions? (A straw poll)
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Please stop cross posting behavior

Please stop cross posting behavior from, where new questions are immediately transferred to this site. If you think you need this to boost your question count over the required threshold, ...
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Essential questions about our site [closed]

Looking for help I found this post about the beta sites essential questions that need to be answered. Now, that we will go to public beta soon, we could decide when to answer them: Are questions ...
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Are stories useful for bioinformatics questions?

I've just had a look at the fastest FASTA/FASTQ question, and felt that it was a bit lacking in substance. It was an answerable, specific question, and all the answers seem to concentrate on a single ...
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Standard language for comments asking for an improved question?

One of the first things I needed to learn when coming to SO for the first time was how to ask a good question. I suspect I'm not alone in this. I was fortunate to have responses to my first (poorly ...
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How much this site is/ going to be on-topic to bio student lacking a proper IT and stat base?

I felt like if anyone have to learn bioinformatics in the 'proper' way, conceptually; then a base of statistics, data-modelling and computer-programing is a prerequisite. But biology students of most ...
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