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I do research in Public health domain using Bioinformatics skills and knowledge. My research focuses on human genetics. My profile allows me to put on multiple hats to learn R, word, power point, excel, git and many other things. Of most I use R (ggplot2) and bash environment religiously. Over the years I've developed skills of IT administration (tool installation), version controls of different software among various other tricks needed in my line of job without bugging the IT guy.

Past web experience: jQTuery, AJAX, JS, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, JSPs, Java Servlets,

Noob in languages: R, C

Languages equipped with: Bash, Python, Biopython

Have worked in: Java, Perl, BioPerl

Packages: Excel, Word, and Powerpoint

Testing experience: Worked with HP Quality Center, Toad

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